Batting For Betty

1st Annual Men's 1 Pitch Softball Tournament

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This co-ed softball tournament has been organized in behalf of my grandparents, Betty and George as well as the National Stroke Association. My goal is to not only raise money but to educate the community about stroke awareness. My grandparents are my motivation and inspiration to educate the community  while fundraising for a cause the changed my family's lives. While caring for a stroke victim, many do not understand the  alterations a family goes though over time. As I witness first hand these changes and struggles to my own family, this tournament becomes more important. Please help my family and I raise awareness about strokes and join us for a fun filled weekend of ball.

From the bottom of my heart,

Jade Henderson

Her Story...

Betty-Jean…a wife, mother of 3 and a grandmother of 7 was a vibrant, outgoing woman from the Liberty Boro area. She has always been the back bone of our family by portraying a strong will and an open heart Five years ago…she was a victim of a massive stroke which left her handicap in more ways than one. With the unconditional love and support from her husband George, Betty is home and in the care of her family. In hopes of her recovery, extensive speech and physical therapy was a daily routine. After a year of rehabilitation efforts, the family began accepting that she would never be the same. The simplest task became an on going struggle for the once independent woman.  

Their Struggle...

Stroke happens suddenly, and victims include not only the stroke survivor but caregivers as well. All of a sudden, one is put in the position of having to care for a loved one who may be physically and cognitively impaired. A caregiver is often not equipped for the situation of making medical decisions, dealing with insurance, taking care of the stroke victim, juggling their schedule, and managing changes in finances. It's truly an overwhelming and emotional experience.

“The day she got sick was the day I lost my best friend”



“If something happens to Pap what would we do?”


“I just wish she would talk to me like she use to”